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please contact us at +91-9827039102
please contact us at +91-9827039102
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Director's Message

I have always been passionate about teaching, education technology and management. It was in 1993, when I decided to pursue my passion as my profession and got completely involved in mentoring IIT-JEE Aspirants with my venture Gupta Tutorials. Although it was a great success, seeing my students turning their dreams into reality. But the realization of the fact that I am unable to extend my help to millions of students who have no access to any coaching class. It was in 2011 when a friend of mine who was passionate about gadgets bought a newly launched Tablet PC. He demonstrated a movie clip. I was pretty much impressed by the quality of the video, thought that, “If movies can be played in such a good quality on a tablet, then why not educational video lectures?”. With that it was an excellent opportunity for me to extend my lectures to all the IIT and NEET aspirants across the country which I always dreamt of doing. My venture “M Learning” is an effort in the same direction to make top quality education easily accessible. We are constantly putting our efforts to propagate the knowledge through our pre recorded video lectures to the young minds. The complete study material covers Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology and is self sufficient that the student can solely rely on them without referring to any other sources. And with that now the students can start preparing for competitive exams with M-Learning sitting at home and school only.

Founder Director & Chief Mentor

sundeep gupta founder director


Website : http://sundeepgupta.in
E-Mail : director@m-learning.in, sandy_gupta2010@hotmail.com